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F-302 PubG Gaming Trigger with Fire Button Aim Key L1R1 Shooter for iPhone Android PUBG Controller

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F302 Pubg Triggers

1. F302 Mechanical alloy is fast, sensitive, textured, and not easy to oxidize.
2. 4-finger linkage multiple sets of key combinations, complete functions, more convenient to use.
3. Mouse micro switch, built-in pot slice, key feedback, sound feedback, more energetic to play games.
4. In the game, it doesn't affect the vision, and it is clearer to play games, shooting is more stable, left and right are common.
5. New metal button, more powerful hand feel, accurate shooting.
6. Metal feel, trigger experience.
7. The button is made of metal alloy for conduction and more sensitive induction.
8. 2 custom buttons, press to shoot, press to left probe, press to right probe, press to lie down, press to open the mirror, press to jump to set at will.
9. Unlock a variety of operation modes, press, and shoot in the side direction, so as not to block the screen.