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V100 Gaming Keyboard, 104 Keys Mechanical Computer Keyboard USB Wired LED Gaming Wired Mechanical Keyboard Real RGB Blue Switch LED Backlit Anti-Ghosting for Game + Gaming Mouse

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V100 Gaming Keyboard & Mouse comb


3 Color Gaming Keyboard
Three-color backlight switching mode:
① Press FN + SL on the keyboard to switch between three different backlight colors (red, blue, and violet);
② press the keyboard FN + key on the arrow keys to increase the brightness of the keyboard backlight;
③ Press the FN + key on the keyboard to lower the backlight brightness of the keyboard until it is turned off.

Voiceless Mouse
DPI Button:800/1200/1600/2000
DPI Button: 4Color change button too, chooses one freely.
Professional gaming button: boss button/fire button.
the key to the success of your fighting.
Page Foward key + DPI button turn on/off the light!


Package included:
1x Gaming Keyboard;
1x Gaming Mouse;